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Melody House offers photography courses, videography courses & film production courses in Nairobi Kenya to suit all levels, from complete beginners to aspiring professional photographers & videographers. At Melody House School of Photography, video & Film production you’ll learn how to make stunning photos & videos in your own signature style.

The photography course | Videography course | Film Production course provides hands-on, practical experience in the studio and on location which will be vital for any aspiring professional photographer or videographer. For those with previous experience, our course provides a deeper exploration of the world of photography, videography & film production with tailored guidance from experienced artists.

Photography, Video & Film School Course Content:
  • Exposure
  • Focus And Depth Of Field
  • Camera Anatomy And Settings
  • White Balance And Color
  • Lighting Principles & Techniques
  • Lenses
    • What is Focal Length?
    • Prime vs. Zoom Lenses
    • Lens Stabilization
    • Lens Filters
    • Chromatic Aberration
    • How to Clean Your Camera Lens
  • Tripods/camera stabilization devices
  • Video imaging techniques
    • Camera shots
    • Camera movement
      • Pans & tilts
      • Sliders & dollys
      • Zooms & pull outs
    • Composition & rule of thirds
    • Fundamentals of Film Directing
    • Location Scouting and Set Design
    • Sound Design in Film
    • Cinematography in Film
    • Screenplay in Film
    • Music Video Production
    • Audio Recording

Editing Photos & Videos [Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects]


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