This page provides guidelines to the user of services at Melody House, also known as Music and Film Academy.
It explains how things work here, the rules applying and the values we believe in.

We offer Sound, Music and Photography services specializing in Education and Production.

You may submit your application at any time of the year.
Please fill your details correctly.


Admission means our discretion to allow an applicant or a user access to services, resources, a class, a course, a privilege or benefit at Melody House subject to any terms and conditions.

Upon receiving your application for a study course and based on our considerations Melody House shall make a verbal or a written offer of admission to study on a first come first served basis. To accept the offer and reserve your seat please pay tuition fees promptly.  Course duration is provided in the offer of admission.

Attendance timings shall be confirmed on acceptance of our admission offer and after you have reported. You may however request a provisional schedule upon receiving an admission offer.

A learner shall be required to sign up to the online and/or offline attendance registers.

Admission may be restricted, suspended or revoked if a learner/ user is unable to meet Melody House standards. 

Fees shall be paid in advance in full or on an agreed payment plan.
Payment methods shall be communicated in the admission offer.
Payments are non-refundable.

Classes are conducted in person, and online where provided by Melody House.

Please ensure you carry personal or required accessories including headphones, flash disk, power charger, cable etc.

Please attend sessions on time. Unless rescheduling has been requested in advance in which case a make-up session may be conducted, missing a session means forfeiture.

A learner under guardian/ parent sponsorship will be required to send a written note saying he will miss/has missed class on date …, with guardians/parent/ class teacher permission/knowledge/ for reason such.  In the subject area put the name of the learner followed by ”Reason for Absence”.

For other learner, a phone call, text or email to the contact made available shall suffice.


Personal choice provided decent.

No drinks or food shall be allowed near computers, instruments and production equipment.
Intoxication, use of drugs and or smell of cigarettes, khat, kuber or illegal substances is not allowed.

Visitors are strictly not allowed in class or the studio.

A guardian or their nominee may await a minor at the reception/ designated area as the child attends a session.

Melody House may record and/ or photograph the learner during sessions and such image/s Melody House may edit, mix with other images and/or share on social media/ the internet, including but not limited to Melody House Facebook and Instagram pages, for a continuous period when the website/social media page is up and running. Publication of images of learner of age 17 and below shall require guardian’s permission. The learner may request from Melody House or download and share copies of such images.

A session refers to a time in which an activity takes place at or as arranged by Melody House including but not limited to learning, performing, recording and interaction.
Learner means the person attending a session.

Website refers to a website, domain, web page that is published/displayed/ owned/ used by or licensed to melody house for communication with our client.
The contents of our website may be updated at any time.
Learner access to our website is limited to the time that the website is up/running/live and subject to any user conditions of admission.

The law of Kenya applies.

A world class music academy and production studio where people of all ages find inspiration, space and satisfaction.

We make use of modern and efficient methods to create highest quality services in sound, music and film for education, media, recreation and entertainment making life more good. 

At Melody House learning, imagination and creativity are keys to realizing potential.
We value education and freedom of expression knowing that arts and talent present opportunities for personal growth, self employment and other social and economic advancement in our communities.
We offer relevant programs for the youth helping them explore abilities and envision possibilities for their future. 
We believe that progress and opportunities in life should not be unfairly restricted to a person due to their background or stage in life. 
In providing solutions we understand the importance of working hard with excellence and  unity of  purpose while practicing integrity and honesty; and openness, care and accountability in our connections. 

The code of conduct shall apply to Melody House learners who go on and pursue careers in their particular field.

You undertake to do the following:

  • Comply with all relevant laws, codes and regulations
  • Get all licenses that are legally required.
  • Present and supply products or services honestly without misrepresentation and to operate your business in a professional manner.
  • Ensure that everyone working under you conduct themselves in a proper manner.
  • Provide proper, fair and reasonable service to customers.
  • Comply with all fair and reasonable contractual obligations.
  • Recognize peers and compete for business within lawful practice.
  • Provide a safe working environment, and to maintain the highest reasonable level of safety for all products and services.
  • You should  insure your equipment and business.
  • Carry out regular checks and maintenance of electrical equipment to ensure safety and proper working.
  • Behave in a manner that would not bring disrepute to the industry.
  • Be suitably dressed for events/ meetings.
  • Time is money. Keep time. Be punctual to work.
  • Ensure your work station is tidy and organized
  • Support the development of the industry and standards.

This page does not represent, or limit, the entire scope of our rules and regulations, industry practices and the law pertaining to our business. Further information is contained in published documents.

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